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Asset Protection Law  –  If you have assets to protect listen as Asset Protection Attorney, Anthony J. Comparetto explains “How You Can Protect Your Assets From Lawsuits & Creditors.” This “closed door” seminar was held for C.P.A.’s and accountants so that they could advise their clients on asset protection.


The free web audio also includes nationally known Asset Protection Expert and C.P.A., Charles Stoll.

This audio is a must listen to for doctors, business people, real estate owner or individual’s with assets to protect.

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Advanced Asset, Reputation and Privacy Strategies are very powerful, new tools, that’re fast evolving. These tools can achieve many goals, but each case must be engineered on an individual basis. Full consideration to the client’s family structure, occupation, social position, life-style, and other important considerations must be factored into the equation before improvements can be undertaken, and safeguards put in place.

We help clients, leverage the value of their assets, & meeting all compliance requirements and controlling risk. Our insights & solutions, enable clients to take control over their assets & information, to make meaningful progress toward long-term security.

We assess security risks and provide best practices guidance for preparing for security incidents. CLF’s work helps minimize damage to client privacy and reputation.


Our firm combines deep legal knowledge with decades of litigation experience to resolve high-stakes trust, estate and fiduciary duty matters through mediation, arbitration or trial.

CLF counsels clients on best practices for administering trusts and estates to minimize risk, avoid litigation and effectively settle disputes without court intervention.

But when litigation is unavoidable, our attorneys are zealous advocates for the banks, trust companies, trustees, executors, personal representatives, beneficiaries, heirs, creditors and tax-exempt organizations that we represent.

Protection is key, you must take action & be preemptive, instead of reactive to a serious legal matter.


If your business is facing a lawsuit or needs to file a lawsuit our business litigation department will guide you through the process and help you through the turbulent times.

CLF is committed to resolving disputes for clients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Whether litigation arises over a routine business deal or under extraordinary circumstances, we strive to obtain resolutions that keep clients moving forward with minimal disruption.

Our firm is known for skillfully exploring creative options to achieve favorable results inside and outside the courtroom.

Alternative dispute resolution is a particular strength, but when trial is the best or only option, our firm are fierce advocates.

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I sleep better at night cause of this lawyer! He did a great asset protection job for me - he did some whiz bang legal stuff that protected all my assets and frickin hard earned money. I sleep better at night because of this lawyer...
Thank you Mr. Comparetto! Normally don't take time to review people but he helped me so much through a difficult time I just had to and to say thank you sincerely for your help and for listening to me.
I recommend all my clients to Anthony! I deal with a lot of clients that are financially facing difficult decisions . I recommend that they have a consultation with Anthony to best figure what works for their specific situation. Anthony has always been very accommodating and informative. Its great being able to refer someone that you trust!

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