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Asset Protection Law  –  If you have assets to protect listen as Asset Protection Attorney, Anthony J. Comparetto explains “How You Can Protect Your Assets From Lawsuits & Creditors.” This “closed door” seminar was held for C.P.A.’s and accountants so that they could advise their clients on asset protection.

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The free web audio also includes nationally known Asset Protection Expert and C.P.A., Charles Stoll.

This audio is a must listen to for doctors, business people, real estate owner or individual’s with assets to protect.

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O ur firm does not rely on experience alone, we are continually educating & reinforcing our law knowledge, it is the way to best serve our clients. Cases are not won by the use of a single strategy, we develop multiple strategies, because it takes many turns to resolve. We go above & beyond reviewing your case, to build different & best client case strategies to win… 

The only way to really find out everything you need to know, & for us to be able to successfully help you through any situation your facing is to take us up on our offer of a complimentary consultation, there is no obligation, let’s see if we can help. Sounds fair…

USA Coronavirus Cases Update

11 Jul 2020, 9:30 AM (GMT)
3,348,195 Total
137,345 Deaths
1,486,640 Recovered

What's Going on with this New World?

Covid-19 Pandemic – Quarantine has affected us all either personally or in our businesses, & the world may seem like it is starting to show signs of coming out of this, but the reality… we’re just in the eye of the storm, where it’s more calm, & that means that we still have to come out the other-side of this. Don’t let this scare you…

Accept that the world we live, is hugely different than the 2019 world, & we’ve all got to be expansive, open to change & utilize the tools that are out there, or be irrelevant & left behind.

This is what we have done,  decisions made to help us, & help you too… In quarantine & isolation we brought together our network of professionals (zoom meeting), experts if you will, to combine forces to help each other & you, now it’s going to take all us working together to continue success in business & for life going forward.

If this peaks your curiosity, & you know that you agree, then…

Discover What We’re Doing After Joining Forces & How It Can Help Us All In The Months & Years To Come & To Do More Than Just Survive This New World…!





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Advanced Asset, Reputation and Privacy Strategies are very powerful, new tools, that’re fast evolving. These tools can achieve many goals, but each case must be engineered on an individual basis.


Our firm combines deep legal knowledge with decades of litigation experience to resolve high-stakes trust, estate and fiduciary duty matters through mediation, arbitration or trial.


If your business is facing a lawsuit or needs to file a lawsuit our business litigation department will guide you through the process and help you through the turbulent times.

Talented and experienced attorney’s set us apart. Our firm collaborates across practice areas to deliver in-depth solutions to the most complex legal challenges.

We bring the best legal minds and reach beyond law. This approach gives clients a greater perspective and ensures forward-thinking every time.

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